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What is this I don't even by HTFlover013 What is this I don't even :iconhtflover013:HTFlover013 0 0
Curiouser and curiouser
"Curiouser and curiouser."
Those were the words that bled from my mouth, unbidden.  A small noise of surprise, a hand held to a startled mouth in a futile attempt to hold them back. Curiouser and curiouser indeed! Was my brain casting yet another delusion? A trick of the mind to make myself believe I was her? That I, a foolish mortal with a mind for such tales, was Alice?
It was lies. It was all lies.
Just like my current surroundings must be, for certain!
The bright colours, the unnatural lighting. It was all a twisted game for my mind to control me with. Just a twisted, ironic game.
Oh, but how I yearned to believe it was true.
Words could not begin to make an impression on the way my heart made a small jump in its broken cage, hoping beyond any hope that existed on this Earth that every wonder, every apparition of delight that I could taste, could see, could hear, could feel, that all of these things of beauty could perhaps be a thing of truth, and not of delusion.
:iconhtflover013:HTFlover013 0 0
Picturing Wonderland
Is this what you imagined, dear
When you had pictured Wonderland?
The twisted faces, the lying graces.
The laughter escaping from creatures' hands?
They lead you on a twisted dance
Promising merriment, what a lie!
Their real intent is buried deep,
Their only wish is to see you die.
The games they play seem fun at first,
As they lead you on chases among skies blue.
But the sincerest nature is secret, kept hidden.
For the truth itself takes a darker hue.
The tea tastes sweet, or so you think.
Their eyes emplore you, have a taste.
It tastes so good, drink up, drink up!
It only costs your mind, no waste!
And soon that time will come to pass,
As you fall to the things that they demand.
Delighted, they feast upon your soul.
Is this how you pictured Wonderland?
:iconhtflover013:HTFlover013 3 3
A Storm's Fury
A Storm's Fury
Silent black clouds engulf the sky
Their presence predicts a storm.
The rain comes slowly at first, gently spattering the earth with cold droplets.
The lightning leaps with deadly accuracy
To hammer the trembling earth.
Meanwhile the thunder makes a great growl
at the scene of chaos below.
The wind howls and tears at the earth
Intent on destroying the landscape
Ah, the sun is peeping over the clouds
It rises and fills up the sky.
The storm is over.
:iconhtflover013:HTFlover013 2 5


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HTFlover013's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
18-year-old gay gal from Scotland

I'll only use this website to fave or comment on pictures, but a message would be nice. However, I'd prefer if you sent me any messages on my tumblr instead c:

My 'about me' page is more developed there anyways...

(Also despite the username, I'm not a fan of Happy Tree Friends anymore. I made this account when I was thirteen, and I'm sure you all know how tastes can change after that age.)


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